How to cook Healthy Meals and never run out of ideas.


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0:00 Why it’s hard to cook & eat healthy
0:32 Learning how to cook changed my life
1:30 The Seasoning Framework
2:52 Seasoning Technique #1: Blackening
8:35 Seasoning Technique #2: Stir Fry Sauce
12:10 Seasoning Technique #3: Marinate after cooking

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  1. Pulling the chicken at 155, I’ve pulled all kinds of meat at that kind of temperature range, and every time, the temperature never reaches 165. I don’t know why. I usually pull my chicken for example at 162-163 and even then I’ve taken the temperature and the internal temperature falls rather than rising. It doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. Thouroughly enjoy this type of video, Ethan! I can cook quite well, but coming up with things to make every day (or multiple times a day) is daunting and exhausting. I like this as an additional way of thinking about designing a meal. And I'd love to watch more videos along the same format. Cheers!

  3. Is it weird since I know this is supposed to be used as a healthy recipe idea but it also feels like this can be used to up your cocktail game say for instance you you find a Starwood like margaritas you Branch out with out different fruits and different styles and you many different ways to drink them makes you think

  4. Been cooking a lot lately with paprika powder, especially Spanish stuff and Gulasch. The thing with it is, it burns very fast and will taste terribly bitter. Ethan, your spice mix looks great, but i can't imagine that it does not taste burned. Is there a clue that your mix won't burn and taste bitter?

  5. I love seeing all the different spices that you use on this channel. I know literally nothing about most spices despite cooking for myself for years. A video, or series, about what these spices taste like and what they are good for would be awesome.

  6. LOL! Okay, okay…only made it to the 8 second mark, and had to stop because I'm laughing way too hard. "Pizza Bath!!" Hahahaha. Okay…on to the rest of the video.

    Man, I say this with every one of these videos, and it still holds true. Your framework/method videos are my favorites. Honestly, I show my non-experienced friends your videos, in order to give them an easy-to-follow guideline. Reminds me of how, years ago, I would religiously watch "Good Eats" to figure out the basics for cooking food that seemed daunting. You are doing a great job educating people, and getting some damn good food into their bellies. Thanks Ethan!

  7. This is an extremely useful strategy! I would love to see your take on using an approach like this on meals that aren’t centered around a meat-shaped piece of protein. For example, strategies that center around protein sources such as beans and whole grains. Thanks for another great video.