How To Cook Different Igbo Soups|Cook with Me| Egwusi and White Soup Recipe.


In this video i will be showing you how to cook different igbo soup recipe, Cook with me Video, i cooked different igbo soups like egwusi soup, ogbono soup, Nsala(white soup), Oha soup etc. All these are popular Igbo soups recipes you can cook from the comfort of your home. Thank you So Much for watching this video. Please, support me by, liking this video, commenting, sharing, and of course, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE as well!😘 MY OTHER VIDEOS👇👇 HOW TO MAKE GINGER POWDER IN FEW STEPS MEET MY SON LOTANNA | 1YR DIARY OF MY SON HOW TO MAKE AGIDI JOLLOF LET’S BE FRIENDS FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM EMAIL [email protected] #cookwithme #cooking #abuja cooking .





  1. Omg all these soups in a day?😳😳😳😳Ogom
    I prefer ugu in my egusi soup too😋you still bam biko see flat tummy🤣🤣no be only achu chu chu🤣🤣otu slangs sweet biko ompa choi
    Asa kee way nne tinye ahu 🤣🤣🤣onitsha Amaka
    Ogom I bu ezigbo agboro 🤣🤣🤣egusi is looking yummy and okoro soup And oha looking yummy ooo and delicious
    Thick okoro soup
    I don’t add onions in my nsala oooo
    Nne your did great with the soups ooo
    Vegetable oooooo😋😋Ogom finish us