How To Cook Bitterleaf Soup || Foodace Bitterleaf Soup || Nigerian Bitterleaf Soup


Ingredients Used: 1.4kg cocoyam (cooked and processed) COOKING MEAT Assorted Meat 1 tablespoon Himalayan salt 1 onion 300ml water 2 knorr cubes TO BLEND 200mls water 1 and 1/2 cups crayfish 2 scotch bonnets COOKING SOUP 1 Knorr cube 750ml water 400g of dried fish 1 and 1/2 cup palm oil extra salt if need be Palm oil From @localpotfoods on instagram





  1. You did a wonderful job. People please stop criticizing creativity! We need different styles of cooking hence our unique personalities. I use onions on my bitter leaf soup. Open your imagination don’t be afraid to try new things! Thank you for sharing this! Don’t pay attention to all these critiques sweet pea! I love your cooking style. Continue to be yourself!

  2. So far I’ve tried egusi at an African restaurant in my area. It’s was ok but there was a taste or smell about it that was turning me off. I tried the recipe you posted in the video and I got the same taste/smell. I wonder if it’s the crayfish. I am actually disappointed in myself that I don’t LOVE this food because I love alllll foods. I am wondering if anyone in the comments could pin point the smell/taste I’m trying to target. I will definitely give it another try. Thanks for the recipes. Great video.

  3. I like the addition of the smoked turkey. I grew up eating bitterleaf soup without ogiri and I never use it in my soups. And the soup is still always delicious. I know people who are allergic to ogiri so kudos for giving us a recipe that calls for onugbu without it. It looks lovely, Well done!!

  4. Bitterleaf soup is a traditional soup. You cannot make bitterleaf soup without ogiri, stockfish and dry fish to really get the taste. Smoke turkey should not go near bitterleaf soup if you are really a traditional person and knows what bitterleaf soup is all about.
    Finally you want bitterleaf air or sun dry a little bit before washing. You want to see the leaf in the soup. If you want I can recommend to you what you can use to wash bitterleaf instead of hands. This is a constructive criticism no offense my dear.