how my BODY CHANGES with everything I EAT IN A WEEK ( vegan + easy recipe )


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Hey friends and welcome! 🌞 this video is meant to be and I hope it is, a positive way to show how my body changes and shifts throughout the day and throughout the week. Our bodies so amazing and they do so much without us being conscious of it. I am so grateful for my body and how hard it works to keep me happy and healthy.

Health is not in the way we look, but in how we feel about ourselves, our energy levels, drive, mindset, how we move… health is so much more than looking the way we perceive healthy to be.

I’m sending everyone so much love and I hope you take a moment to be grateful for your body ✨🌞💛🌈


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  1. LOVED this video! Free of judgement and just showing the reality of a changing body! Esp. appreciate that you mention to get nutrition advice from nutritionists and doctors and not influencers! That is crucial and many influencers and "health gurus" try to sell a certain diet and fool people into believing that if they eat like these people tell them to they will look like them or things like that. So, thank you for giving credit to actual experts.

  2. Bloat? What bloat? You look better in 02:37 than I do on my thinnest, 'best eating behavior' day LOL! You are beautiful, healthy, and your body is unique, perfect proportions — plus you have so much energy, it motivates me to eat well like you do! xx No triggers here, never muzzle yourself!

  3. This is a beautiful video from a beautiful human. You make this world a brighter place. I have recovered from multiple Eds, still have body dysmorphia issues, you and I have very similar body type and it's so helpful for my brain to see your videos because I look at you and all I have in my heart is love and all I see is beauty and there's not a hint of judgement the way I judge myself. <3
    you and your beautiful sunny energy and smile make me smile. thank you for making me smile today.

    edit: ps i LOVE that green sweater. It's such a lovely vibrant colour on you

  4. Julia, you are doing such a great job with those kind of videos. We appreciate it, maybe more than you think, and I just want you to know that we love you and we are so proud of you. God bless you, woman 💜 Much love and respect from Spain ❤

  5. I got really emotional at 21:19. I realized that it was my hurt inner child, who feels rejected when I am critical of my bloating after a meal, while this shows that I do not need to be. Thank you thank you thank you for being an example in showing the love and acceptance to your body that it deserves!🧡

  6. Hi Julia! You probably already know this, but roasted dandelion root tastes a lot like coffee! My favourite way to drink it is to boil water and steep the roasted dandelion root with some peppermint leaves. Top up with some creamy milk and sweetener! It is so yummy, like a creamy peppermint coffee 💚

  7. Thank you so much for this video Julia! I'm on anorexia recovery and I really struggle with how my body looks like after eating, it helps me a lot. Also I love your meals and you're really beautiful! I hope soon I'll be able to see for my body same.

  8. I've long been a subscriber here but I don't usually watch Julia Ayers because of the thought that maybe her videos would make me feel way behind in what I am eating, especially since I don't always have a lot of different vegetables on hand but wow, thank you for being a burst of literal sunshine. I just realized how bubbly she is and reminded me that being bloated is a normal thing. I'm inspired to be healthier and would always buy vegetables and fruits now whenever I go grocery shopping.

  9. Thank you for showing what BLOAT looks like!! That is so helpful. I realized a lot of my body image issues revolve around me being so bloated. Trying to figure out the root cause with which foods agree/don’t agree with me, etc. just seeing what bloat looks like on another body is eye opening.