How I made QUINOA taste 10x BETTER


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00:00 Why quinoa is the worst
00:30 Rinse and cooking the quinoa
01:26 Prepping the vegetables
03:14 Drying the quinoa
03:52 Roasting the quinoa and veggies
04:41 Today’s sponsor: OSEA
05:58 Prepping the marinated chickpeas
08:26 A superstar ingredient ✨
09:18 Tossing the quinoa and optional mix-ins
10:40 Removing quinoa and veggies from the oven
11:01 Time to assemble!





  1. I have made this already and PEOPLE, this is how quinoa should live. It is a total gamechanger, SO good. I always ate it cuz I 'should'. Never excited, EVER. This will be back in my rotation for sure! Loved watching the process video on this! Thank you Nisha!

  2. Love your channel and videos. I've been eating quinoa for about forty ++ years now and sometimes I'll toast it before I cook it but haven't ever after I've cooked it. Some folks will like the crunch, I'm not a crunch person and love my quinoa softer with the little bite it provides. So many ways to cook it and love it! Try juicing some carrots or apples and add some of the juice to the quinoa water… yummy! You dear girl, are hot and crunchy in your flavor palette. 😊 Said with kindness and admiration.

  3. Thank you for introducing me to an interesting and new way of eating Quinoa. I hated Quinoa for all the reasons you mentioned but I love what you did. You made it toasted and you mixed it with chick peas and vegetables which is something I love sooo when and if I try it I will let you know what I think about this recipe. This was an enjoyable video to catch a new way of enjoying Quinoa.

  4. I break up dried shiitake mushrooms – and throw them in the boiling water, along with a vegetable stock cube, garlic, tamari, ginger, roasted sesame seeds, black pepper, and a bit of olive oil. This combination elevates the blah flavor of quinoa…to yummy! 😋