House of the Dragon Official Release Date Announced – The Nerd Soup Podcast!


Visit to sign up for a Storyblocks membership today The Soup Gang discusses the recently announced release date for House of the Dragon, coming to HBO on August 21st! Plus, Sonic 2 breaks records at the US box office, Better Call Saul reveals two new cast members & Doctor Strange 2 has an official runtime! TOPICS: 00:00 – Introduction 07:34 – House of the Dragon Release Date 20:12 – US Weekend Box Office 26:45 – Teddy Reveals the Name of his Baby 28:29 – Doctor Strange 2 Runtime Revealed 37:09 – Better Call Saul Reveals 2 New Cast Members 40:00 – Fantastic Beasts Movie Franchise is in Trouble 48:12 – FAN QUESTIONS! Listen to this episode at FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK! TWITTER! – Aaron Twitter: @nerdsoupmonkey Beau Twitter: @beausoup Teddy Twitter: @TeddyNerdSoup Nash Twitter: @AnthonyJQNash Marissa Twitter: @purplegirlns INSTAGRAM – FACEBOOK! – Visit our Patreon page here –





  1. I don't think the video game movie curse won't be broken until we get a movie that actually is a game adaptation. The Sonic movies don't follow any of the games. And Arcane's story is something entirely new, since LoL is just a moba with barely any actual story (not lore, that it does have)

  2. 2:03 Preach Aaron! 😆 6:12 that sounds like a dream 🥺 7:00 lucky 😏 14:29 GoT Era 💙

    31:00 😆 "…I see you…I see me, I see you from the past me…"

    32:50 "30 yo millennial white girl living inside of you" 🤣🤣🤣

    49:30 Will was nominated for Best Leading Actor for Ali (2002) and The Pursuit of Happyness (2007).

    51:15 Agreed on Wahlberg 🙄 lol
    F – Brad. M – Leo (relationship for optics, trips, and gifts…he can have his side piece while Brad is mine 😜 – I want "Legends of the Fall" Pitt lol)

    56:00 I'm so disappointed in Erza because I loved him (57:08) and really thought he was better than his recent behaviors. So much potential, sad.

    1:02:27 👁️👄👁️ 🦠

  3. Damn, right when I was finally gonna shoot my shot with Aaron lol

    Great pod guys, really looking forward to getting back into the world of Westeros and all the content to come. Surprised about the "Dr. Strange" runtime too, thought at least 2 1/2 hours min. Heard "Severance" was really good, definitely on the list.