Hot Soup Thrower Arrested


Thirty-one-year-old Amanda Martinez was arrested Wednesday, charged with a Class A misdemeanor, assault causing bodily injury, according to Bell County Sheriff’s Department. Restaurant manager Janelle “Nelly” Broland says she had nose bleeds after Martinez allegedly threw soup in her face. Thankfully, the hot soup had cooled down, but Broland says the experience was still painful. If convicted, Martinez faces up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000. .





  1. well Miss Martinez has already rejected a plea deal which included probation, and an $800 dollar fine and other conditions which were not specified by the local DA, if she had accepted she would have avoided prison, so her trial has been postponed until December 2022, maybe she thinks a judge will give her a better deal but with such compelling video evidence it is difficult to see what she hopes to achieve with a trial, I sincerely hope she gets some jail time, she could have scalded and scarred that girl and the only reason she didn't was that the soup had cooled down.

  2. $5000.00 bail seems a little low to me… This Moron is just plain Evil…Throw the soup and run out of the place… Not even staying around to reap the benefits of her ignorant actions… I'm hoping for at least 6 months, in jail full of mirrors so she can look at that Evil face… She obviously hates herself.