Hong Kong Corn Soup


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  1. I think it’s more about society saying it’s okay and beautiful, when in reality it’s unhealthy. And I’m not saying a larger person can’t be beautiful but that doesn’t make obesity physically healthy. You should never shame a person for being too anything when it comes to body image, but at some point it’s okay to talk to your loved ones if they’re morbidly obese.

  2. I had to watch this about seven times. Expected bomb food. Then I got distracted with a positive philosophical narrative that in no way was related to said corn soup. So yeah it took me a few watches to fully observe visually the ingredients. That pepper grind corn edit was also really dope.

  3. Can we clone you?

    I initially watched this with the sound off. So I couldn't make sense of the comments and therefore watched it again with the sound on. So I am beginners at fitness. I am doing it to get a a healthy and strong body. Looking better is just the bonus. Ngl, it matters but being healthy and strong matter more as the potential health issue one can face with overweight or being out of shape are serious. This is what prompted me to enter fitness. Man or woman, I personally think, being fat is not a great choice for your health nor natural, but I am also not going to hate or bash somebody. Their body, their choice.

    You speak wisely. The misogynistic element is strong in this. Women do get a lot of heat for not looking fit, slim and thin etc. Especially now with the red-piII-aIpha-male-complex-andrew-tate-topG-wave of indoctrination sweeping across the internet and social media. Misogyny is both the drive and the outcome. It's scary how so many seem completely unaware of the damage being done which will effect this generation and possibly future ones.

    How about people live and let other people live.

  4. I’m not physically fit nor active in any way and I feel like absolute shit I try to make myself happier by shoveling cakes and burgers down my throat but it’s only a temporary happiness..a high an addiction when I was younger I used to be active and I felt like I was king of the world like I could do anything nowadays when I go out for a walk I also feel better..being overweight and getting heavier isn’t good for your mental or physical health..and from an evolutionary standpoint being fat could have gotten our ancestors killed..because it makes them slower..so go ahead call me “fat phobic” ya’pick me race hustler.

  5. Actually no most people are annoyed by being told to accept fat people as beautiful and healthy when most people don’t see it that way. On top of that most of the anger comes from people on the fat acceptance side trying to invalidate years of work people put in to actually be beautiful and healthy, but these people would rather conform reality to make people accept them as they are no matter what.