VEGETABLE BEEF SOUP is an example of the best of American home cooking, it is comforting, nutritious and hearty, and it’s sure to please the whole family. I always think of soups when chilly weather blows in, and this is one of many that I absolutely love. My Ron and I love spending weekends at home relaxed, and this soup is one I love to prepare, I usually serve it with pieces of crusty bread, cornbread or saltine crackers. This delicious chunky vegetable beef soup is perfect for entertaining family or friends and it freezes perfectly for another day, I hope you give it a try. ❤️ INGREDIENTS _____________ 1 1/2 lbs. Chuck Roast (bite size pieces) 1 lbs. Red (1/2 inch pieces) 1 1/2 C. Fresh green beans or frozen potatoes (tips removed & cut into 3) 1 3/4 C. Fresh corn (you can use frozen) 1 Medium Chopped onion 1 1/4 C. Chopped celery 1 1/4 C. Chopped carrots (i used 3 skinny long ones) 1 C. Frozen peas 4 Large garlic cloves (minced) 2 14.5 oz petite diced tomatoes 2 1/2 Tbsp Olive Olive Oil (divided) 2 tsp dried BASIL 1 1/2 tsp dried THYME 1 1/4 tsp OREGANO 1 tsp Crushed ROSEMARY 3 tsp sugar (not 2) 2 Bay leaves 1/2 Can Tomato paste (3oz) Pepper as needed Salt as needed 1 Tbsp BEEF BOUILLON ( I used KNORR) 3 tsp Lemon juice (start with 1 or 2 if you like) 7 C. Beef broth Chopped parsley (for garnish) All Purpose Flour (as needed for meat) SUGGESTED VIDEOS ____________ ALBONDIGAS WITH VEGETABLES MY FALL HARVEST SOUP MY RONS BEEF AND MUSHROOM DUMPLING SOUP FRENCH ONION SOUP BROCCOLI CHEESE SOUP DISCLAIMER DO NOT EAT OR SERVE THIS DISH TO ANYONE WHO IS OR MIGHT BE ALLERGIC TO ANY INGREDIENT IN THIS DISH. #vegetablesoup #beefsoup #rachelcookswithlove