Homemade Ramen Made Quick | Gordon Ramsay


As autumn/fall begins to sneak in and temperatures begin to sink lower, its the perfect time to make a delicious Ramen (oh and it’s Vegetarian)! Even better is this can be done in under 10 minutes! This week on Ramsay in 10 Gordon’s making a delicious cauliflower and ginger ramen for you to warm up with

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  2. Me watching peacefully before 2:06
    Gordon at 2:06: lightly seasoned with chilli flakes, get your eggs noodles in and from there, turn off the gas. Give that a good mix
    Me: Gasp (feeling like I just watch a cheap jump scare)

    Me choosing to accept that Gordon is at the level where he can do whatever he wants and continue watching but feeling hopeless
    basically giving up on this so-called "Ramen" recipe
    Gordon at 9:14: My sort of pickled ginger, my scallions
    Me: smiling (feeling relatable as I sometimes talk like this when I cook, I am sure most of us talk this way)

    Gordon at 9:58: just literally, just snip snip snip snip, some fresh cilantro coriander, doesnt matter what country you are in, its all delicious
    Me: froze (feeling like this is after all a true horror, cant believe that cilantro is used as topping for ramen and worst of all, Gordon himself seem to know that but he just cant bother and he is so excited to be doing this)
    Me: proceed to just laugh out loud

    Overall, a great short video of noodle recipe (please, we cant call this ramen but I kind of believe that this will somehow work, just not as ramen.) and as an asian watching this, it truly is a mixed-genre video.