Homemade Instant MAC! Vegan!


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Hi Everybody! Here’s my quick and easy way to make a Instant Mac!

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  1. Idk what YouTube is doing sending me notifications for a 2 day old video as I'm trying (and obviously failing) to fall asleep. I do love your videos but how am I supposed to fall asleep now when vegan Mac is the only way my toddler will eat veggies. They already pick out veggies with their freaking tongue and spit them out in every other dish 😅😭

  2. reasons I love this channel:
    1) makes me want to go vegan but I'm not ready to give up on meat

    2) has actually useful recipes that are probably cheaper than animal based products (they are so expensive in my country)

    3) just a cool ass community that respects each other l, this is just so rare, specially since people like to be nosey and complain about peoples's dietary choices.

  3. This ROCKS!! I was just getting into vegan Goodles but I just tried this and damn… It's the kraft replacement I've dreamed of since going vegan. As an ancillary point, my 1yo scarfed it down faster than anything else I've seen. He can share the apparently hereditary mac addiction.