Holiday Cooking & Baking Recipes: Mixed Greens and Citrus Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette Recipe


Mixed Greens and Citrus Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette Recipe – Jamie Deen has great Thanksgiving recipes 2022. Get one of his Thanksgiving salad recipes with cranberries now!
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Mixed Greens and Citrus Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette Recipe:
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  1. Cranberries are also called bounce berries.
    If they bounce, they're ripe.
    If they don't bounce, feed them to the chickens.
    You should always check your berries to see if they bounce.
    It's a great chore for kids, supervised, of course.
    It makes them feel a sense of accomplishment by being included in the meal making process and it gets them acquainted with some of what really happens in the kitchen at an early age, while having fun, of course.
    There are also ways of teaching kids mathematics with games, such:
    – who finds the most berries that bounced wins____.
    – who finds the most "duds" wins.
    – do you have enough for mom to make the recipe?
    Et cetera.
    Kids learn what they're taught, so teach them early and teach them right.

  2. Had basically the same idea for a restaurant and intend to call it by one of two names, Greens and Things or The Salad Bowl.
    Mine is gonna have every salad vegetable and condiment you can think of, along with daily soups, breads and sandwiches.
    It's a good idea, simple, straightforward and good for ya.
    Like to dabble with vinaigrettes all the time.
    But I put olive oil in mine.

  3. ☝️collard greens💖?😃🤔if I spelled that right?& God! I miss my Mom💖. There wasn't style of any southern,italian ,irish,etc.of cooking she didn't master💖.😌☺️😉💖👏👍😎Love& best dishes Paula & crew!# what's for brunch?🙂🤔☝️When your Mom💖says?"You eat my cooking baby angel💖?You could go anywhere in the world & enjoy the foods."☺️ Aren't Moms💖great?.☺️👏👍😎💪💖

  4. Love your ideal about the salad restaurant. I would be there everyday. My Mom always said she thought I was part rabbit as I could live off of fresh salad and fresh veggies. There's nothing like a good fresh salad with a tasty fresh dressing to satisfy a hunger. Can't wait to try this salad dressing out at my house. Keep 'em coming Jamie. Much love and happy holidays to your family and of course to your Mama, Miss Paula.🇺🇸🙏✌❤

  5. Jamie is such an awesome fella! His sense of humor just makes my day! The idea he has for a restaraunt is a great one! Put it on the Island in Pigeon Forge near Paula Deene's kitchen!! That way we could have salad for lunch…and Paula's amazing food from her Kitchen for our dinner!! Win win!