High Protein Vegan Meals | What I Eat in a Day


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In this video I share some insights around protein intake on a vegan diet and show you some meals I like to make that are high in protein as well as full of plant based whole foods. Basically I cook up a storm as usual and take you along for the day as I explore the topic of plant based protein. I hope you enjoy and find it useful!

Malin x



Tofu Scramble –
Lentil Salad –
Speedy Chickpea Curry –


Shona Vertue Morning Stretch –


0:00 Good morning
2:09 Breakfast: Tofu scramble
4:43 Plant protein information
8:35 Thanks to our sponsor Squarespace
9:36 Snack
11:04 Lunch: Lentil salad w. beets and artichoke
15:41 Dinner: Chickpea and kale curry
21:30 Stats for the day




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  1. I just want to to add a tip, for people that don't like tahini like my daughter you can substitute the tahini for avocado and a bit of sesame oil instead. I tried that alternative and it was pretty good, just have to make sure to add enough acid such as Cider Vinegar or lemon. (to keep it's color)

  2. When I was vegetarian that lentil salad with beetroot was my favourite but I always had it with goat cheese. Now I'm vegan I hadn't thought to use that tahini dressing instead so thanks for that tip. And thanks for the great video. You eat as I would like to eat (but often don't).

  3. First of all – I’ve set my lentils to soak overnight so I can have that lunch salad tomorrow. Looks so good! I have all the items so I’ll report back on that. Also – Yes! It’s funny, people are concerned about my protein intake but only when I mention that I’m vegan. I want to reply “how is your fiber intake?!” but I’m too polite 😅. On the other hand many of us vegans ignore protein entirely. Thank you for mentioning that it’s important but not the most important, especially in wealthy/calorie abundant cultures.

  4. Dear Malin, looking forward to trying the Pataks Madras Spice Paste. I love the Pataks products and use them often. Living in rural North Carolina USA, I make an every 2 or 3 month drive to an Indian and Asian market stocking up! I keep a running list of products and will add MSP to my list. My shopping adventure is an all day event. Thanks so much for all your recipes and encouragement! Sending Blessings for the New Year. Namaste

  5. That cat appeared so calm and soothed by you, have you ever thought about adopting a cat? Thank you for all the delicious meal and snack ideas ❤️ here from Nikki Vegan’s channel because she mentioned you and I’m so happy to be a new sub to you too 🙂

  6. Thank for this excellent video and recipes. I have been trying to stick to plant based eating and at the same time to ensure a good amount of protein that I consume. The meals you have shown look and sound delicious 😋 and with the added bonus of being high protein. I can hardly wait to try these recipes!

  7. An excellent what Malin ate in a day video with high protein meals ( there's always a protein source in my meals so I debunk the misconception that vegans don't get enough protein) I always have oatmeal for breakfast usually topped up with either seeds or nuts. All these meals are yummy 😋 and love 🥰 the video and love 💕❤️ Malin & Rob.