High protein vegan meals for fat loss


Hey guys, in this video I’ll be showing you 3 high protein, low calorie meals that are ideal for weight loss.
I’ll also be dispelling some protein myths and giving some general advice on how much protein you need whilst losing weight and how can you build muscle and lose weight at the same time.

Sources on protein and how it affects weight loss👇

High protein diets do not appear to protect muscle mass

Exercise for preserving muscle mass during weight loss

Meta analysis on high protein diets for preserving muscle mass while dieting
(Combining the studies that do see improvement with those that don’t, there does seem to be a slight benefit to a higher protein diet for reducing muscle loss)

Negative effects of a high protein diet on metabolic processes (which negates any benefit to a high protein diet!)

If you want to know more about protein and vegan weight loss, check out my podcast episode ‘Protein and vegan weight loss’ by clicking the link below👇

Here are a few things you should know about losing weight.
You MUST be in a calorie deficit!! I personally don’t count calories, but to get you started and to understand calorie density you might find the links below useful👇

Check out my video about how to know how many calories you need. 👇

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  1. All these meals look great and involve all the foods I love. Plus I have most of those ingredients on hand anyway. I’m in Australia and recognise the food packaging so presume you have a Woolworths there or might be called Countdown. What an unusual name for the pumpkin, buttercup, we have butternut pumpkin here. Thanks for video💕

  2. I've been vegan for many years, and I mostly didn't worry about protein. I did eat legumes fairly often, and peanut butter every day! Then, when I wanted to lose weight and dropped my calories very low, I basically lost a whole lot of muscle mass, but not much fat. (I am disabled and unable to exercise, so my BMR is very low.) When I took a closer look at what I was eating, I realised my protein consumption was way too low. Now I make an effort to include protein sources in my meals, but try to keep fat low.

    A quick tip: nutritional yeast is actually quite high in protein. 1T gives 4 or 5 grams of protein. It's an easy and tasty way to add a few more grams of protein to a meal.

  3. Thank you so much!!!!!! I think the light bulb 💡 just went off for me‼️ I always add a bean, lentil, tofu or some other protein to almost all my meals because I figured I needed it to stay full‼️ I’m going to rethink my meals and hopefully start losing the weight I need to get to my goal 😊🙌 now I need to freeze some home cooked black beans 🤣🤣🤣