High Protein Meals to Keep You Strong & Satisfied (Vegan)


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Today I’m showing you 4 high-protein vegan recipes. The best part is that they’re all delicious too! Check out the recipes below if you want to give any of these meals a try. 🥰

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0:13 Tofu Bolognese
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6:36 Tempeh BLT
10:57 Lentil Burgers
14:54 Garlic Ginger Impossible Meatballs
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  1. I eat intuitively and when eating the traditional American diet I wouldn’t get my minimum of protein, too much salt and too much sugar. But eating plant based it’s not even something I worry about anymore. Still have to be careful with salt and sugar because processed vegan foods are an easy trap to fall into.

  2. Hey Sarah, everything looks so yummy! I'm not Vegan but I only eat meat once or twice a week so I'm a frequent visitor to your channel for inspiration. Keep the recipe coming. One note though, I believe you meant mirepoix and not soffrito to start your bolognese.

  3. Hi Sarah! I follow many vegan content creators, but I have to say, I really think that you are my favorite. 🥰 I just love your approach to food, with all your fresh wholesome ingredients (but also throwing in some naughtier ingredients like impossible meat here and there). And I just love your laid back easy vibe, and the vibes between you and Eric. You are simply lovely, and I'm always excited to see a new video come out (because I always want to make ALL the recipes!). Thank you for being you, and for sharing your yummy recipes with us! ❤️

  4. I've been watching your channel every single day for the past month or so, just can't get enough 😀 Also my bf said that you look like Wonder Woman ( Gal Gadot) and I can't unsee it now. Love your videos, thank you for such incredible recipes, you're awesome. Eric too 🙂

  5. it's possible I just am paying attention to it now but the explanations in this video are really good! like explaining each step and why we're doing it, what is the role of each ingredient, etc. something like "sugar goes from caramellized to burnt really fast" is so useful to know and really shows how good you are at explaining the fundamentals of cooking

  6. Hi sarah . Italian vegan cook here . Bologna is a city , so even if different regions may switch the recipe the proper recipe is the one from bologna and you did exactly the write thing ! yep…no garlic. It s even better with small green lentils instead of mince , that s how Italian vegans make ragù alla Bolognese but yours looks amazing. Big hug ❤