High Protein Cottage Cheese Ice Cream 🍨🎂 -so satisfying!! #recipe #healthyrecipes #shorts






  1. High Protein Cottage Cheese Ice Cream!! 🍦🎂

    I used full fat cottage cheese which is still only about 100 calories per half a cup and has about 12g of protein!!
    You can have fun and make it into whatever flavor you want. It’s so filling that I wanted to go back for more but genuinely wasn’t tempted to, even though it tastes so good. That’s truly the miracle of high protein, low sugar- it’s truly satisfies you so you have better self control.

    This recipe is seriously good. I highly recommend trying it and tagging your bestie who needs it too. Let me know when you make it and yes- it is also kosher for Passover 🙌🏻

    For the @2bmindset : this is a protein that you can enjoy with any meal or snack. I had a 1- cup serving after a big salad and called it a #plateitdinner #winning

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  2. I've been trying for years to make ice cream like dessert with alternative ingredients, like cottage cheese.

    My best recipe so far is:

    1 cup Almond milk
    1/ 2 cup cottage cheese or plain Greek yogurt
    1 scoop chocolate protein powder 1 tsp sugar-free chocolate Jell-O pudding
    2-3 strawberries
    1/4 cup blueberries
    1-2 Stevia packets
    1/4 tsp salt
    1tsp Pure Vanilla extract
    2 cups of ice or twice the amount of liquid. More ice makes it more creamy. Add small amounts of milk to the blender if you have too much ice and it's having a hard time processing. Please don't burn out your motor!😬
    2 hard boiled EGGS…yes, my latest star ingredient is adding 2 hard-boiled eggs. It's a game changer!!

    Eggs takes it to another level of extra creaminess!!! I put everything in my Vitamix, and I have the most creamy, decadent dessert that's low-fat and low sugar, plus protein! I've made it with banana, pinapple, and mango, if I have it handy.

    I always have a bag of frozen strawberries and blueberries, so I can make this whenever I want.

    I haven't bought ice cream in ages. I just make this almost every night, while I sit down and enjoy a movie. Zero guilt, all the pleasure.🍨

  3. I tried this and the texture is absolutely not icecream-like at all. It's frozen cream, it's icy and hard to scoop and doesn't have that fluffy cloudy texture. Great alternative desert but definitely doesn't beat churned icecream. Add milk and blend into a milkshake that way it's more believable as a replacement dessert.