Hidden Veggie Cookies 🍪#cookies #recipe #baking #cooking #shorts #healthyrecipe






  1. Her: "Allergy free!"
    Also her: *Adds Cocoa which I'm allergic to*
    Me: Well that's Dissa-pointing (I have a genetic mutation called G6PD).

    No hate, just pointing out

    Edit: Thanks for the recipe anyway! Ur recipe will be good to others.
    It would be helpful if u would come up with a recipe for G6PD people, Thank u! 🙂

  2. They aren’t allergy free,I’m highly allergic to gluten and wheat so unless you can use rice flour as a substitute then they aren’t allergy free. (Before someone tells me the difference between an allergy and an intolerance I know the difference I have an allergy and an intolerance to gluten and wheat Im simply commenting on how you can change it to be completely allergy free

  3. To me zucchini doesn't taste like anything on its own so thats cool and carrots are of course naturally sweet and go great in baking (hello carrot cake) but the spinach does sound a tad concerning because to me it is a strong taste. Then again, maybe because its kind of a bitter earthy taste it has similar notes to chocolate so it could hide it well hmm interesting!