Healthy vegetable rice bowl (1 pot meal: 건강식 영양밥)


Today I will introduce you to a healthy, fresh and delicious vegetable and mushroom rice bowl mixed with spicy gochujang and a wonderful seasoning sauce! Full recipe:

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  1. Hello Maangchi! Here I am again. I love eating grilled fish and I can imagine it will be delicious with this sauce. Gochugaru comes from red chili peppers, right? We use "piripiri" it's made from tabasco pepper. Very strong. I don't know, maybe yours is not so strong…My problem: too many chili peppers around! I liked the recipe because I'm fond of rice and all kinds of veggies. Never tried kale but I will look for it. Our radish is small and dark pink on one side. But I use turnip all the time and also sprouts. I once grew mungo bean sprouts at home because fresh ones are a bit expensive. I am loving your videos and talking about you every friend I have! Thank you for teaching us so well! Bye-bye!

  2. This video is so educational! I've been trying to look for video like yours that informs the topics in this video! 🥼Your tip for sure reminds me of the videos from Dr. Ethan. Doctor Ethan's videos are informative and I really learned a lot for school. He is the most knowledgable Dr in Europe and he teaches wellness.

    I suggest you watch his channel out and give the doc a subscribe! ➡️ #FutureDoctorEthan


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