Healthy Vegan Meal Prep 🍴(Soy Free)


Hey friends! Comin’ atcha with another plant-based meal prep video full of wholesome, easy, and yummy recipes! This one is soy-free, just for the heck of it. Full recipes linked below 🙂

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* Even if you’re working from home now, OR you’re out of a job, OR you don’t have access to all of these ingredients, I still think it can be helpful to meal prep! I originally filmed this video several weeks ago, but again, think it can still serve a purpose. Hopefully it inspires you to get creative in your kitchen, or just find some joy in a simple home cooked meal!

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  1. Thank you for doing this! I tried going completely vegan in January and found out that soy is actually a big migraine trigger for me… and I was consuming lots of tofu, tempeh, soy-based cheese substitutes, etc. I went back to vegetarian (eating local farm eggs) for protein but I'm still trying to do more research to transition back to full vegan while being soy free. I'd love more videos on soy free vegan diets!!

  2. Am I confused or is the tahini dressing a lot of calories? I tried tracking how many calories for the 1/2 recommended serving of the dressing and it was over 1000 calories? I’m hoping I miscalculated but was wondering if anyone else was confused about this

  3. I love your recipes and videos; can I offer some constructive criticism?
    You are speaking really really fast in this video– its way different than your more casual videos and it makes it hard for me to really absorb anything. (I watch your recipe vids every week and you never speak nowhere near this fast)
    I hope I don't sound rude but I felt like you just kind of wanted to get this video over with and I wasn't as into it. You smiled once and then just kind of Rushed through everything else and it was hard for me to really focus. Sorry if I couldn't explain myself very well.
    ❤️ thank you for the video either way