Healthy Snacks TO BE A SNACC 🍓 Must Try High Protein & YUMMY Recipes


Back with another food recipe video today! I’m making some healthy and pretty looking snacks this time. We’ve got white chocolate bark, meringues, yoghurt parfait, strawberry daifuku and more! Let me know down in the comments what you think!

0:00 – Intro
1:13 – Making Meringue
7:37 – White Chocolate Bark
8:26 – Whipped Yoghurt Parfait
12:48 – Strawberry Daifuku
16:38 – Recipes

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  1. To answer your question, salt is added to meringues firstly as a flavour enhancer (salt blocks the "bitter" taste buds and is often added to sweet baked goods e.g. cake, muffins, chocolate, etc., to enhance the sweetness). Secondly it helps the egg proteins kind of "break down" in a way that helps create volume in the meringue. Hope this helps, I love the recipes!

    (Also random side note I thought YoPro was Chobani as well but it's actually a separate company called Danone)

    ❤️ from a fellow Australian.

  2. me being a bakers child: chloe, chlo- chloe. to get it off turn it on low and hold it just slightly above the rest of the mixture, also hold the bowl… please. (but I’m gonna try these out, specifically the yogurt but probs not high protein lol, great video :33