Healthy Recipes: What I do with Chicken Breasts






  1. To make sure your chicken comes from a good source, go ahead and drive to an organic farm, purchase your own hen (one that’s pregnant), bring it home, and when the eggs hatch, raise the chicks, give them names, and then dress them in cute cloths. Then, slaughter the mother, process all the meat with your limited knowledge of the anatomy of a chicken, assume you’ve found the breasts, and THEN boil them👍

  2. I'm about to say the most Caucasian shit ever. But honestly this technique makes chicken breast moist and delicious every time.

    Do a dry salt brine an hour or two before you cook the breast, this gets excess moisture out and will help provide a nice sear/crust.

    Then season some mayo with salt/pepper/garlic (and some msg if yall know what's good 😂) and your favorite herbs and spices. Whisk it all up and apply a nice thin layer of it on your chicken breast. Be generous but obviously don't add heaps and mounds of mayo to your chicken breast, I recommend using a cooking brush to apply your layer.

    This is basically our lubricant for the chicken before we put it on a skillet, just like oil except of course oil slips off and that's not good especially if you don't want your chicken to stick to the pan. The mayo also adds to the browning further helping that crust. And it 100% does not taste like mayo, it may taste a tad buttery but other than that if seasoned and done correctly the chicken is insanely moist and flavorful.

    Seriously there's a science behind it! I got this technique from a channel I love watching, goes by the name of "Ethan Chlebowski".