Healthy Quinoa Salad Recipe


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Hey everyone!

Just getting back and re-acclimating to life in NYC after an amazing trip to Southeast Asia. What a rich and wonderful experience! I hope you enjoyed the blog post from Cambodia and for those of you interested in reading about Vietnam, you can do so here.

But today I also have a new video for you on how to make a delicious, healthy and as importantly, easy recipe that you can make with left over vegetables and just 15 minutes of your time. It’s a quinoa salad that can be enjoyed on it’s own or as a side dish and would be a perfect option for a healthy and light lunch.

Quinoa is a protein rich grain, making it a good option for vegans and vegetarians. But we can all benefit from including this grain in our diet as it is easy to digest and is a great source of fiber and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron.

To this we add fresh chopped vegetables (anything you have on hand at home would be fine, but adding colorful vegetables makes this dish come to life), herbs and seasonings that turn this into a healthy version of fried rice, although in this case it is “un-fried” quinoa. By adding these vegetables not only are we adding color and flavor but we are also including life promoting nutrients that in turn nourish and enhance our bodies and our health.

I think you will find this recipe to be so simple and delicious, it will become a staple in your repertoire of meal options.

As always, I want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on Quinoa? Have you tried it an enjoyed it or is it new to you? Then once you have tried the recipe I definitely want to hear what you think. It’s always great to hear your feedback….

It’s great to be back in NY and also to be back to the Motivational Monday videos! I look forward to reconnecting with you over the next several weeks…

Have a great Monday and enjoy the Spring!