Healthy Orange Chicken Meal Prep recipe G Hughes Sugar Free Orange Ginger


Healthy Orange Chicken Meal Prep recipe G Hughes Sugar-Free Orange Ginger Marinade
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This is a delicious and healthy Orange Chicken G Hughes Sugar-Free Marinade meal prep recipe for those of you that love sugar-free sauces. Here is another recipe made with G Hughes sugar-free sauces. This recipe is perfect for anyone that loves Orange Chicken but wants a healthier choice. You can enjoy the taste of orange chicken without all of the unwanted calories. This is a perfect recipe for lunch.

4 servings of this delicious sugar-free Orange Chicken meal prep for the week. This recipe has 382.5 calories per bowl, 5 grams of fat, 41.5 grams of carbohydrates, and 43.5 grams of protein. The total calories in this recipe are around 1,530 calories. I divided 1,530 by four to get 382.5 calories per serving.

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