Healthy morning soup for winters | टमाटर सूप | tomato soup recipe #shorts


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Carrot/ गाजर -3
Tomato/ टमाटर -5
Beetroot/ चुकंदर -1
Olive oil/ जतुन तेल -1tsp
Butter cube/ मक्खन -1 small cube
Black cardamom/ बड़ी इलाची -1
Black peppercorn/ काली मिर्च -8-10
Ginger / अदरक -1 inch
Garlic/ लहसुन -8-10cloves
Bayleaf/ तेजपत्ता -1
Coriander stem /धनिया दंठल
Brown sugar/ ब्राउन शुगर -1tsp
Salt/ नमक -1tsp
cornflour slurry/ कॉर्नफ्लोर का घोल -1/2cup (optional)

Bread /मक्खन -2 cut in cubes
Salt/ नमक – 1/4tsp
Garlic bites / तला हुआ लहसुन -1tsp

Step by step recipe

◾️In a cooker add oil and butter once butter melts add peppercorns,bayleaf, black cardamom,ginger garlic and onion saute until onion become translucent.

◾️Now add Tomato, carrot, beetroot, coriander stem close cooker lid and cook for 3 whistle.

◾️Open lid mash it little bit then grind and make smooth paste strain add water (depending on consistency you require) boil it .

◾️Add sugar,salt and cornflour slurry simmer on low heat and cook for about 5 min.

◾️now in a pan add butter cubes of bread ,salt, fried garlic saute it until brown and crisp.

◾️serve hot soup in a bowl add cream and toppings of bread enjoy! 😍

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