Healthy Meals We Eat When We're Busy! (QUICK & EASY)


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Why is it that whenever someone asks how you are these days, the knee-jerk response is “busy.” Well, that’s us, haha! As parents of two toddlers who are also running two businesses, we’ve got a lot on our plate. We still make sure to prioritize our health by eating nutritious plant-based meals. We’re sharing some of our favorite ways to make mealtime a breeze when you’re in a pinch.

The categories we focus on are: 1) Smoothies & Fruit, 2) Veggies & Salads, 3) Wraps & Quesadillas, 4) One Pot Soups, Stews & Curries, and 5) Pastas. Be sure to stay tuned til the end where we share the store bought, packaged foods that get our seal of approval, and get the EatMoveRest Meal Planner & Recipe App for all the recipes in one place!

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🥗 NEW! Download The EatMoveRest Meal Planner for Apple (App Store):

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  1. If you eliminated all overt fats from your diet, meaning no nuts, seeds, avocados, olives, or cacao, as well as no bottled oils, and no higher fat legumes like peanuts and soy, only fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes other than soy and peanuts, do you think you would feel as good?

  2. No brown rice pasta for me. Only whole wheat, white wheat, and white rice pasta. I usually eat whole wheat since I think it tastes better, but there is nothing wrong with white wheat pasta if youre already eating plenty of fiber. The amount of fiber in white wheat and brown rice pasta is almost the same. I can't stand brown rice.

  3. Yes Erin, I’m the same regarding caffeine! I buy an organic Decaf (Swiss water natural process) Japanese matcha on Amazon because the health benefits of green tea is far too amazing, from immune to cancer, to not be drinking daily!! 🍵 on occasion, I’ll do some organic Japanese tea bags like when we had a weekend getaway down south in Arkansas ⛰️🌲 which does have caffeine, but the difference is the l theanine balances it so there’s no jitters and not harsh on the body. So yah, I hear ya girl!! 😊 👍
    Also, our go to pasta is chickpea! Same as Dusty though, hubs loves the organic brown rice best bc most similar to wheat.
    I wish could get better options on tortillas because one son and I who were tested, showed either mild allergy or sensitivity to gluten and do feel best without it. We love Siete brand cassava tortillas but dang pricey ugh.
    Also, hey, where did y’all get your colored (love those colors) surf board 🏄‍♂️ on your wall? God willing, we move down to the Gulf next year and want to decorate beachy/bright colors which do a lot now. Turquoise etc. but that’d be fun to have a surf board on the wall 😎 TIA.