Healthy Loaf: Oats & Flaxseed Bread Recipe.


Emily bakes an enriched loaf packed with nutrients using homemade oat and flaxseed flour.

Special thanks to Cuisine for sponsoring the recipe. Cuisine products can be found at Massy Stores Nationwide.

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  1. I notice you are using soybean oil regarding the chemical manipulation of the soybean crops is that wise ? Is it nonGMO? Do you regard to the imbalance of omega 6 to omega 3s in our diets. The soybean oil that is in well excess of 6s what we need according to the standard ratio of omega 3s and 6s.

  2. Ok, this bread can not be made easy unless you are using a basic bread recipe and adjust with flaxsee(linseed, called in Jamaica )and oat flour. However, you have to do some mathematical adjustment with the plain flour or you are increasing calories and carbs which is not good for diabetics.
    Take it out of the bread pan straight away or the base will go soggy put it on a cooling rack to maintain a crispy crust for softer crust after taking out of bread pan wrap in a clean dry tea towel.

  3. I just finished baking this bread. I would mention two things that you could do in the future. You should mention the size of the pan. You can also talk about oven heat. You are not using an aluminum pan which means you have decreased the heat. The rule of thumb is once you are using pirex, dark tins, etc., you should decrease the heat by 25 degrees F. This information would help new bakers. The written recipe did not mention instant yeast which you used. Maybe this can be amended on the written recipe. Thanks for the video.


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