Healthy Keto Snacks in 5 Minutes or Less!


Healthy Keto Snacks in 5 Minutes or Less!

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Healthy Keto Snacks in 5 Minutes or Less!
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  1. Oh thank you!
    I often crave a bit of something sweet in the evening and resistance is sometimes futile.

    Chocolate Fluff in a Bowl looks like a perfect remedy.👍🏻

    I'll be trying the egg snack, too.
    Not real sure about that broth drink, though.🤔

  2. Just put the parm in the pan place oiled egg on top less wasted cheese and mess.Your house is so nice. When Ivsaw the top of your cabineys I was thinking med size potted plants would look nice every few feet.It cleans the air. That's a nice area for little statues like the ones from Mexico in between plants.or big coral or shells.The mall plant you will see at malls is so hearty it somehow lives through no watering for months no light on top of my fridge. It thrives so easily. Herbd like Basil I cant keep for long this plant is the only one to survive for 10 years at least.

  3. The chocolate fluff would be good with cocoa/cacao and orange extract or a few raspberries… I wonder if it would freeze well and maybe be like an ice cream… hmm definitely going to experiment with this… also I agree with almond extract I add it to my bulletproof coffee

  4. I did not have cocoa powder, so I subbed in chocolate extract. By doing this, I had to add some powdered stevia sugar replacement and a pinch of salt to get the flavor right – I would not recommend using the chocolate extract, but It worked for my craving in the moment. Cocoa powder is on my grocery list for tomorrow! (I also added 30 Lilly's dark chocolate baking chips, which made it feel like I was having ice cream!)


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