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  1. I think you should make whatever kind of videos you like and follow whatever diet you like, but that being said you should change the channel name to something that accurately describes the channel and is not misleading ppl. You guys haven’t followed keto for a long time. It’s understandably confusing for ppl. Seems like a lot of subs like to watch your family content, despite you no longer being on the keto diet. A lot, but not all. Just my opinion though.

  2. Rihanna is one example of how this world is getting worse. When our "role models" portray the kind of filth, disgusting and degrading behavior of such moral decline what do you expect to happen in this world and what it represents? The boundaries that the Bible defines are ridiculed and scoffed but God will not be mocked. Jesus clearly paved a way for us to have real peace, joy, and hope but sadly people choose other paths that are enticing but ultimately unfulfilling. Your next book suggestion…if you haven't read through the whole Bible yet or even if you have Matt I recommend that you do or do it again now that you have more mature eyes and a Father's heart.

  3. 😡Matt, dress or have Megha dress Felix real quick and let him go with you to take Theo to school; He wants to go with you to stop Theo off, let him go sometimes, MEANY😡. Felix favors Matt, he even has Matt’s head😂😂! Genes are something! Megha hope you taking advantage of all that loving, get all the hugs smooches and kisses you can now cause when them boys get older and go off to college it’s a wrap!

  4. The world definitely stinks these days. My husband and I are in our late 40s and we just had this convo this morning – we talked about how most things are a let down. Is it just aging OR do things really stink??? I think things are crap 😱. When we go to shops we get crappy service from workers who don’t give a flip. When we dine out it costs a small fortune and the workers act annoyed. It’s just sad 😔. I’m better off staying at home and just enjoying the company of my family. It sometimes feels like we are the only sane people left 🤣

  5. I was also rooting for Philadelphia my grandmother was born there since the bears will not be in the Super Bowl I have to choose another team. Travis Scott has children with Kylie Jenner Rihanna children father is A$AP Rocky ☺️Always good to see you all I have your channel set on notifications when you are uploaded.

  6. I haven't seen a video from you guys in about a year and a half. Kids are big, and I see the baby infant is now a toddler 😆. Life moves fast, don't forget to enjoy the moment, and YES, the more we grow, the more we realize we are getting away from our morals.

    Be sure to feed light into our hearts as well as our kids' so that our souls don't become dark. Yeah, I've said too much 🙄 🤣

  7. I don't want to sound annoying, but I am a mom too and I have a toddler the same age as Felix. I have heard warnings from doctors about how dangerous popcorn can be for children under age 5. I read a first hand experience from a mother whose baby, almost died because she inhaled popcorn into her lungs. Just thought I would mention it! Love your videos and your beautiful family.