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This delicious chicken tikka masala is not only amazing but also healthier version of the very popular curry.

Do try this with naan, recipe here –

Or try with some rice, recipe here –

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Chetna Makan appeared on the Great British Bake Off in 2014 and won the ‘Christmas bake off 2016’.

Her first book ‘The Cardamom Trail’ came out in April 2016.
Her second book ‘Chai, Chaat & Chutney’ came out in July 2017.
Her third book ‘Chetna’s Healthy Indian’ came out in Jan 2019.

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  1. This recipe was out of this world !!! I made this today and it was so sooooo good, only since i dont have an oven i sauteed the chicken in a non stick pan before adding it in the masala – hats off chetna would surely try other recipes soon too ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊

  2. Looks delicious Chetna. I love chicken tikka masala, but I have been dieting so I haven’t touched Indian food in a while. Do you think I could do skim or 2% milk with the cashews and use extra virgin olive oil instead of the oil you used? Or will that alter the texture or flavor?

  3. I recently round your YouTube channel and I am so thankful! The first thing I made was the butter chicken, which was absolutely gorgeous!!! I've just made this chicken tikka masala and the boyfriend made some of your naans with chilli garlic and onion seeds. Amazing!!!! Better than a take away that's for sure!!! And cheaper! : )

  4. Thank you for your kind recipe! btw, it was the first time for me to make tikka masala and i followed your recipe(skipped some part though-no tandoori powder and cashnut) but i guess i made mistake or something while making. The one that I made tastes somewhat bitter. is there any way to reduce it?

  5. This recipe is amazing!
    I had the chicken marinating in my fridge overnight, and was looking forward to trying this all day. It was totally worth it!
    I didn't deviate too much from the recipe, only changes I had to make, was substitute kashmiri chilli powder for a mix of paprika and cayenne pepper (as I saw recommended in some forums) and I got whole chicken legs, which I then deboned, and ended up with probably about 200g less meat. I still think the meat to vegetable/curry ratio was plenty and the spiciness was rly perfect for me.

    Long story short, I will definetly do this again

  6. Hi Chetna, this curry look delicious, I’m looking forward to making it!!

    Can I just ask – when you add the spices and onion & green pepper, then the cooked chicken – how long do you cook it for (i.e cook the spices for) before you are ready to serve it?

    Thank you 😊🙏


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