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These gluten-free brownies are amazing for your sweet cravings. They come in handy especially when you are trying to maintain a diet or if you are allergic to gluten. If your favorite brownies are like-the-boxed mix chewy brownies with that crackly top, this is your new best recipe. Even though it is gluten-free and healthier than your normal brownies, the taste isn’t compromised so much.

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  1. Best person to guide in terms of baking!!
    Wonderful baker shivesh!!
    By just following your simple steps and procedure my baking has improved a lot.
    And have to say these brownies were ultimate, as I am also a chocolate lover, so it is hard to stop craving. But the way u substituted all purpose flour to that of oats powder was just amazing.
    Keep sharing such lovey recipies and enlighten our baking !!

  2. Hi tried out the brownies they were yummm. My daughter just loved it. Wanted one more help instead of almond flour can i just use oats flour or any other supstitute also only the middle part of the brownies were good, where in the corners became too thick and had no fuggy taste y is that. Kindly help me

  3. Hey shivesh i tried this recipe it tasted amazing but instead of flax seed mixture i used dahi and batter became lil watery idk if it was fault of watery batter or the brownies were overcooked i set the oven into 180°c for 35mins. I will again try this recipe hope it turns good as you.


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