Healthy and Easy Cucumber Salads | 4 Variety Cucumber Salads for Weight Loss | Cucumber Salads


This Easy Cucumber Salad recipes are my family favourite recipes that people have been enjoying for ages! The simple dressing brings all the delicious and refreshing flavor of the marinated cucumbers. The cucumbers are crunchy and cool. Even though it tastes great with just vinegar or lemon juice or curd and salt, adding onions or any other your favorite vegetables elevates this simple salad to something more interesting.
It’s very easy to make and it takes only about 5 minutes to put together! Light and refreshing cucumber salad recipe – perfect for a warm summer day. And you can also include these salads in your main meals or as a snack. It’s a great side for just about anything you put on the grill – chicken, steak, and fish.
In this video I show you some tips on how to make a simple cucumber salad and how to make basic salad dressings that you can make at home.
I hope you get learn something new.

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