Healthiest Easiest Hidden Veggie Chicken Soup 中 Only 5 minutes to prep #shorts #viralshorts


Healthiest Easiest Hidden Veggie Chicken Soup 中 Only 5 minutes to prep #shorts #viralshorts

This hidden veggie chicken soup is the ultimate comfort food. Not only is it easy, but it has the most stunning colour because of the blended and hidden veggies. This soup is for anyone that is super picky with veggies and wants a delicious and smooth texture. Last week on my Instagram stories I showed you how to use leftover boiled potatoes in soup, and you wanted me to put it on the blog and make a video. I hope that this recipe and video gives you inspiration and helps your little ones as I know how picky kids can be with veggies. I have been blending veggies into my soups and sauces for as long as I can remember, and I know you will absolutely love it. With the busy school and work year, this recipe is perfect in a thermos, and I know the kids and adults wont be able to get enough. Soup is so comforting and cozy, its simply one of my favourite dishes to make.

2-2.5 litres of water you can also use organic unsalted veggie broth or use 翻 water and 翻 broth
one whole peeled onion
2 celery stalks I cut mine in half
2 carrots peeled
3 peeled whole garlic cloves
4 chicken thighs you can use any cut of chicken, but dark meat is the most flavourful
salt to taste start with 翻 a tablespoon and taste and adjust after the soup is cooked
2 boiled and diced potatoes mine were leftover but you can boil pastina, orzo, or boil raw potatoes in the broth as well
fresh or dry parsley for garnish to taste and optional

沆ou can find the full printable recipe with tips and directions on my website which is linked here:

Or you can search for chicken” in the search tab on my blog and it will pop right up

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