Hawaiian Macaroni Salad Recipe


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Make this creamy, comforting Hawaiian macaroni salad in just 15 minutes using basic pantry ingredients. Serve this traditional mayonnaise-based salad for potlucks or picnics.

Hawaiian macaroni salad is a traditional salad served in Hawaiian BBQ restaurants serving plate lunches and in Luau. This creamy salad has a mayonnaise-based dressing and is perfect to make as a side dish for summer cookouts, picnics, potlucks, and brunches.

This authentic Hawaiian mac salad comes together in just 15 minutes. Just cook the macaroni and mix with other ingredients in a big bowl and you are done.

Hawaiian mac salad is creamy, slightly sweet, tangy, and crunchy from all the veggies added to it. You can add pineapple, grilled chicken, or cooked shrimp to this salad for a variation.

While making Hawaiian-style macaroni salad, I like to slightly overcook the macaroni, as it blends in really well with the mayonnaise. This salad is all about a good mayonnaise, so do not substitute it with a miracle whip. Use the best quality mayonnaise and see the difference it makes to your recipe.

This Hawaiian Mac Salad is,

Super easy & unique
Sweet & tangy
Perfect to serve as a side dish
Best served cold


Macaroni – Elbow macaroni is boiled as per the packet instructions. I like to sightly overcook it as it blends well with the creamy mayo.

Apple Cider Vinegar – This boiled pasta is mixed with apple cider vinegar, which adds a nice tang to this pasta. Add the vinegar when the pasta is still hot, it absorbs the flavor better.

Mayonnaise – This is the key ingredient of this salad. Use full-fat mayo for the best Hawaiian Mac Salad ever. Do not substitute it with the miracle whip. It’s a big no!

Milk – A little milk is also added, to avoid drying out of the pasta.

Vegetables – Carrot is peeled, shredded, and then add into the creamy pasta. Along with a nice crunch, it adds to the color of the pasta salad.

Another one that is added to this salad is celery, which gives it a nice distinct savory flavor.

Onion – Along with carrot, we will also add finely chopped onions for extra crunch and taste. You can use any onion, either red onions or white onions.

Salt, Sugar, and Pepper – Finally, finish up the salad by adding salt and pepper for extra taste. Also, add in sugar for slight sweetness, but it is completely optional.