Charlie Andrews gives a preview of his 2020 New Years Dinner plus additional announcements regarding the channel etc. Enjoy.

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Here are the Titles and the video marks! Select the link underneath the title and it will take you directly to that part of the video. Thanks and Hope you all enjoy the video!

1. New Years Eve Food presentation

2. Personal Information and replies in the comment section.

3. Notifications whenever I release video a video (Demonstration included), Asking questions and searching for a recipe (Demonstration included).

4. Information regarding pictures I post on Facebook and Instagram, No recipes in description box, Official website, and Recipe requests

4. Where to find links to my Official Website, Official Facebook page, Official Instagram page links. Links to email, Go fund me, pay pal etc. Utilizing the description box (Demonstration included)

5. New Donation method and locations for the links to all Donation methods. Utilizing about me section and hidden Website and featured Recipe link in all of my videos. Demonstration included.

Clearing up Rumors
1. Restaurant, Food Truck, Cookbook and
Shipping of cakes, food etc.

2. Guests on my channel

3. Personal life

4. Concerns about my Glass table breaking

What’s to come for 2020
1. Recipe remakes, recipe requests.

2. Information regarding the Vegan and Diabetic recipes including 2 new sides for website coming soon.

3- New Recipes/Information about 100k subscriber video (2019)

4- 2020 New Years message from Charlie.


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