GTA 5 but we are criminals…


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  1. Llittle helpful tip boys, 1 of you boys have to buy the closest apartment its just on the right of that lane you come out of when you get the bikes, after you buy the apartment, buy a Kuruma Armored car, fully customize it and youre set for the Heist, just before you get to the bike have your friend get his Kuruma Custom out of his garage (he has to go in on foot) drive it around to the bikes, everyone get on the bikes, (they are a checkpoint) get off the bikes and everyone get in the car, all you gotta do is keep yourselves ducked down (except for the driver) you wont get shot so you wont lose money and drive to your destination, also helpful tip, when youve gone to the other side of the lake in Sandy Shores, the game wants you to go through the tunnel of the mountain that brings you to the Lumber Mill, well just as youve passed the Trailer Park that was in the mission that Trevor blows it up and just as you cross the steel bridge 13:48 there should be a trailer from a truck 13:53 drive on the left of it and up the hill, with minimal acceleration, you will get to the tunnel literally in 1-2 seconds, instead of having to do the windy road to the tunnel 😉 youre welcome 💯