green papaya salad recipe Thai


*Papaya* is a tropical fruit that grows easily and very fast in warm and humid conditions. Its popularity in the shopping trolleys is only increasing day by day as it works for slimming and general good health to consumers. Those suffering from Diabetes , high cholesterol ,Arthritis or stomach related ailments find papaya alleviating to a large extent .Packed with vitamins and minerals it’s a superfood .
It’s a single stem tree and can grow into branches in certain parts of Africa .
Papaya has a soft and hollow trunk so fruits can not be harvested easily if it grows 20 + feet as climbing it as not possible due to its soft trunk .But cutting the main trunk induces new branches and more fruiting .

The tree bears fruit from 6 to 12 months .
There are male,female and hermaphrodite or bisexual plants .
One male tree fertilizes 10 female trees .

They should be spaced at minimum 5m away from each other for planting .
New hybrid seeds germinate to female or bisexual plants .
And bear plenty fruit remaining small .
Papaya is not a long lasting tree .Its productivity reduces and it would need to be replaced as the stems can come crashing down too .
A single plant can produce 70 to 90 fruits at a time .
Papaya is a meat tenderiser.
It can easily be propagated with seeds from fruits we buy from shops .
Now horticulture industry implements new aerial root grafting or tissue culture methods .

I strongly recommend this fruit tree to be grown as it s a space saver ,superfruit of high nutritional value ,and low maintenance inviting birds with its bright orange / yellow fruit .

Enjoy it .






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