Greek Meatball Soup – Yuvarlakia | Akis Petretzikis


Subscribe: Today, I’m showing you the best way to make a heartwarming Greek dish called “Yuvarlakia”! Juicy and aromatic meatballs boiled with rice and a lemony soup. A comfort food meal to enjoy with your loved ones! Recipe: e-shop: Chef: Akis Petretzikis Director: Leonidas Pelivanidis Production: Akis Petretzikis Ltd. Video Editor: Mihalis Barbaris Featured Partners: Mary-Rose Andrianopoulou, Katerina Vasilakopoulou, Markos Papakonstantinou, Anna-Maria Volanaki, Lefteris Antoniou, Giannis Borompokas, Artemis Tsipi, Martha Angelopoulou, George Athanassiadis, Valia Official Twitter page: : Pinterest: #akiskitchen #GreekMeatballSoup #akispetretzikis.





  1. You said you were going to show how a traditional yuvarelakia soup was made….. close but no cigar…. I mean, your yuvarelakia look pretty good… regional differences maybe, but the avgolemono is not traditional… at least not where my parents are from…. here is a video where they show it the way my family made it… no need to separate out the whites… no cornstarch… I don't think that is a traditional ingredient at all… my family didn't use it in anything except more modern and or foreign recipes… and the soup had a nice frothy finish… your version looks naked to me… nerovrasto, as my parents would call it…. please check out this version… it is almost exactly like my family recipe…

    Thank you for showing Greece's lovely cuisine, I just wish you would stick to more traditional recipes… but then again, you live in Greece I assume and the cuisine may have evolved… whereas my parents live in the diaspora and are more apt to keep things the way they remembered from before they left Greece… a more 'authentic' version….

    Thanks again…. and love seeing your gorgeous face and body in the videos… one reason I keep coming back… (naughty grin)

  2. Dear Akis,(Yasu)

    I want 2 let you know,
    You're one of the special Cooks 🍳😋❤💛💕😘
    And I need to say, any Recipe that I repeat from you, was always amazing 👏😉😋😍❤🙌

    So thank you 4 sharing you're secrets! It's a 👨world 😉

    Regards from me 2 you.

  3. Akis, I love to watch you cook and to listen to you speak English with your Greek accent! 😄 I grew up (in the US) with Greek grandparents and many other Greek relatives and listening to you brings so many memories. You remind me so much of my cousin Stathis, (although he doesn't cook 😂.) I remember Yiayia used to make this dish and I loved it. She's been gone a very long time, 50 years, but watching you make this I can almost taste it from memory!

  4. Delicious 😋
    My husband is Egyptian, I am Mexican and he is always asking me if I know how to make a meatball white soup that he ate in Greece and I was very confused, but thanks I will make it soon. In Mexico we also add rice to meatballs.

  5. This will probably be my 20th Akis recipe and each one so far has turned out to be INCREDIBLE. My Greek boyfriend's family approves, so there's my proof! I also love your recipe book, Akis. Still working on my Greek and translating the recipes, but I'll get there eventually!