Grandma's 50 years recipe surprised everyone! Healthy, easy, and delicious


Grandma’s 50 years recipe surprised everyone! Healthy, easy, and delicious

Pour boiling water into corn flour, you’ll be surprised by the result!
corn flour 60g/0.5cup
boiling water 60ml
all-purpose or bread flour 150g
salt 1.5g/ ¼tsp
warm water 80ml
active dry yeast 2g/ ¾tsp
white sugar 12g/1tbsp
olive oil 15g/1tbsp

Welcome to my channel!
Today I’ll be sharing a super delicious and easy recipe with cornflour!
60g cornflour
60ml boiling water
Mix well

150g all-purpose or bread flour
1.5g salt
80ml warm water
12g white sugar
2g active dry yeast
Mix well until the ingredients are combined
15g olive oil
Knead the dough with your hands until the surface is smooth
Cover and rise until double size

Deflate the air bubbles
Sprinkle some flour on the kneading board
Place the dough on the work surface
Cut the dough like this
Roll out the dough
Divide and cut into 8 pieces
Take a piece of dough and shape it
Repeat with the other pieces of dough
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Cover and rest for 10 minutes
Sprinkle some flour on the kneading board
Take a piece of dough
Use a rolling pin to flatten the dough
The diameter is about 12 cm

Medium heat
Place the dough in the pan without oil
The dough fills with air!
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These corn flour flatbreads are so delicious!
They’re so soft!
There’s a space inside the bread so you can fill it!
You can fill it with whatever you like!
If you have cornflour at home, you must try this super delicious recipe!
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  1. Recipes are normally hundreds and thousands of years old. Pita bread recipe, which this is, certainly is. Why would you (or anyone) want to point out that your grandmother’s recipe is only 50 years old and that everyone was surprised? What tosh! By not thinking through your title you are encouraging people to comment instead of watch the recipe. This is the first time the algorithm brought me to your channel and I will not subscribe.

  2. Похоже на турецкий хлеб, также дрожжевое тесто на воде, но мука только пшеничная. Его тоже пекут на сухой сковородке, постоянно переворачивая, он также надувается, готовый хлеб смазывают растопленным сливочным маслом и посыпвют зеленью. Очень вкусно.

  3. Hi Helly….amazing work with your videos. Very well made and easy to follow. I have a question regarding this one. Is the cornflour in this recipe the same as the one you get in the store. Its very fine white almost like talcum powder. Sometimes also called cornstarch.