Gordon Ramsay recipes are BETTER when Vegan


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I’ve made plenty of @Gordon Ramsay recipes now, and I wanted to see if we could take a very non vegan recipe and swap out the ingredients to vegan! How easy would it be??
Gordon Ramsay quick and simple recipe here

I used the Quick and Easy chicken from Future Lettuce!
Check that out here

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  1. Those somewhat new gardein chkn fillets sort of made me feel a little 🤢. It was just too rich for me and I didn’t think it was worth the calories. Someone tried to tell me it was the gluten that made me ill 🙄.! I snapped back though, it was that it was over processed and too rich for me! I make my own seitan and it never makes me feel that way! Everything seems to be gluten’s fault these days (that is true if you suffer for an actual condition).
    Funny banana skit!
    As far as the dish, I would have added a little more sauce to the noodles. Everything else looked delicious!


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