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What are the best snacks to eat for gestational diabetes?

I’ll tell you, but first, I’m going to try to convince you not to snack very much.

When you have diabetes in pregnancy and you get dietary counseling, a lot of times they will tell you to eat three meals a day plus three snacks.

That’s good advice for some people with a rapid metabolism, but it’s not good advice for everybody, especially if you have less than four hours between meals.

Watch this week’s special episode where I make the case for not snacking while also sharing my favorite snacks for when you do really need a quick bite.

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  1. This is just the information that I've been looking for since I was diagnosed with GD! I've been struggling with hungry pangs for the past month and was stressed about having to eat every 3 hours, including wee hours of the night, 1am 3am 5am. I often wondered how can I get proper rest if I have to eat every 3 hours and of course wait 2 hours after a meal to digest before laying down, just to wake up after an hour to eat again? It's been a vicious cycle!

    I live in the Philippines and culturally speaking, rice and pastas were OK'd by my nutritionist in moderation (which I disagreed with). Also, healthy snacks that you can just buy in grocery stores in the US are not common here as most of them are packed with sugar and starches. In sum, I tirelessly searched everywhere online for a clear-cut guide on how to eat or what to eat with GD where I live.

    Just last night, my husband suggested adding more protein and fat to my snack before bed, and to eat a little more until I'm satiated because I'm probably not eating enough (6 "small meals" can really be misleading!). I was happy to know for the first time, I only snacked once at 4am by eating a handful of unsalted nuts and it got me through to breakfast at 6am!

    Please keep posting more videos Dr. Papa, they are extremely helpful!