German Potato Salad


This is a warm potato salad – German style! Hot slices of potato are tossed in a warm tangy-sweet Bacon Vinaigrette so they absorb the flavour, then littered with crispy golden bacon bits and hit with freshness from dill and green onion. It’s just an excellent combination of flavours, and quite possibly my all time favourite potato salad!






  1. Okay listen here. THIS is NOT a german potato salad. This is something else, I have no idea what it. I'm german and I have never seen something like this ever before. Go visit Germany and try a real potato salat or I can send you a real potato salad recipe. Oh and please change the name of the video. This is an offense on EVERY german potato salad.

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  3. I'm from the south of Germany and this isn't exactly authentic although it's probably a very tasty salad. I've never seen one where the potatoes weren't peeled, the slices are thinner and yellow onions are finely cubed. Use less oil and add a bit of mustard. Here in Swabia we don't use bacon but the Bavarians sometimes do. The salad is even better if you let it absorb the vinaigrette for a couple of hours instead of serving it immediately.