Genshin Impact Recipe #17/ Bamboo Shoot Soup / Zhongli’s Specialty


A soup dish that’s been stewed for a good long while. The meat and ham have been diced into small pieces, and the soup has been kept on low heat till it turned milky white. The process has brought out the distinct flavors of both kinds of meat, making for an especially tasty soup. This Video was Sponsored by: SushiHub Vancouver Checkout their instagram!! If you’re in Vancouver, pass by!! Thanks for the brand new cutting board! To see my other videos. Click on the link below. Patreon Page: Cookware and YouTube Gear: .





  1. wow this is crazy! my vietnamese family has always made this (its called canh mang) but their version only has pork and bamboo(no tofu skin or ham). and i think maybe lemongrass instead of ginger. it looks exactly the same and gives me such childhood vibes. im mindblown. i even went to try and look it up and it doesnt even show up as a vietnamese dish so they must have been cooking a chinese recipe the whole time 🤣😭

  2. What can I use as a substitute for the ham? I'm a Zhongli main and would like to try making this for… well… sentimental reasons hehe. I also might not be able to find tofu skin, so what's the closest noodle/pasta I can use?

    I'm thinking I could just season it with Fish sauce (patis) because that thing is incredibly salty as well.

  3. i actually tried to make this a few days ago, it worked but my look of the soup looked horrible lol but it tasted incredibly amazing 😀 thanks for the recipe! It didn’t have any problem, i’ll definitely try to make it again someday.