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I made #gajarkahalwa or #carrothalwa recipe with #sugarfreepowder. Along with with can get to know #aboutcarrot and #carrothealthbenefits.

This is an colab video guys, stevia product you can use in you daily life, it is completely safe for all, specially for sugar patients.
watch full video to know about stevia and #sideeffectsofsugar

About #zindagistevia
Zindagi Stevia white Powder are Natural and healthy substitute for sugar, which are loaded with the goodness of natural Stevia leaf extract. It is sugar-free with no calories, fats, and carbohydrates.
It can be used in tea, coffee, fruits, hot and cold beverages as well as in a variety of homemade desserts like cupcakes, pudding, sweet dishes, custard etc.
We are sourcing natural sweetener stevia in various forms like liquid, powder, sachet, dry leaf form & by sweetening the wide varieties of food & beverages.

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