G.O.A.T. (Roasted Beet and Crispy Goat Cheese Salad Recipe)


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10″ Chef’s Knife:


▪1lb/.5kg/4 Medium Beets
▪Olive oil
▪30g/2Tbsp white balsamic vinegar

Wrap beets in pairs into a double layer foil with a generous drizzle of olive oil to coat and large pinch of salt (about 1Tbsp/15g). Place on a tray and roast at 375F/190C for 45-60min.

Beets are done with knife or cake tester goes in easily with some resistance, but isn’t crunchy. Allow beets to cool before peeling (i like to use paper towels). Cut beets into bite size pieces.

Add beet pieces to a bowl and add about 40g/3Tbsp olive oil, large pinch of salt, a lot of black pepper, and white balsamic. Stir and taste for seasoning.

▪200g or 1 3/4c panko bread crumbs
▪2 10oz logs/560g goat cheese
▪1g or 1tsp oregano
▪10g or 3-4Tbsp fresh chives (chopped)
▪10g or 4Tbsp fresh thyme
▪1-2g or 1/2tsp black pepper
▪3 eggs
▪15g or 1Tbsp dijon mustard

Spin bread crumbs in a food processor for about 30 sec until smaller in size (or use unseasoned fine bread crumbs)

Add goat cheese herbs and pepper to food processor and spin until combined. Divide cheese into 12 equal pieces (about 40g/1.5oz each). Roll each piece into a ball and coat with panko. Form into a thick puck, place on a small tray, and freeze for 20min.

Add eggs and dijon to bowl, beat/mix. Place each of the chilled goat cheese puck into the egg mix then into the panko again to coat well. When done, place on a parchment lined tray, return to freezer for 20-25 more minutes.

Spray or brush cheese pucks on all sides with olive oil.

Bake for 7-10min at 475F/250C. If fully frozen, you’ll probably need to bake for 11 min.

▪50g or 1/4c white balsamic
▪10g shallot or 1Tbsp, finely minced
▪3g salt
▪25g or 1 3/4Tbsp grainy mustard
▪A lot of black pepper (25 cranks or so)
▪25g or 1 1/4Tbsp honey
▪225g or 1c extra virgin olive oil

Whisk all ingredients except oil to combine. While whisking, stream in oil until emulsified.

*Vinaigrette, beet, and cheese recipe make 4 large salads. Amounts noted below are for a 2-salad portion.

▪Fennel, shaved (1/2c per salad)
▪Escarole, chopped
▪Mixed baby lettuce
▪Fresh dill fronds
▪Chopped pistachios

Add a head of frisee, shaved fennel, a few handfuls of chopped escarole, a few handfuls of baby lettuce, dill, and 3-4 large spoonfuls of vinaigrette. Add pinch of salt and chopped pistachios. Toss to combine.

Place tossed salad portions into bowls and top with baked cheese pucks, marinated beets. Finish with additional chopped pistachios, dill, and a final drizzle dressing.

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0:00 intro
0:13 Roasting the beets
0:50 Prepping the goat cheese
2:49 Peeling and marinating the beets
4:37 Breading the goat cheese
5:27 Ad – still sleeping great on my Helix mattress
6:34 Vinaigrette
7:37 Baking the goat cheese
8:54 Plate up
11:03 Let’s eat this thing

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  1. Hint: it is important which surface of foil you use as there's a significant difference and there's the reason why one surface is shiny while the other is mat. The shiny surface *deflects* the heat (thus makes kind of barrier hard to pass by heat radiation), so if you want i.e. wrap something to keep it warm longer, you should ensure the shiny surface is *inside* (towards to your product/food) and the mate is outside of your wrap. And if you want to wrap something (i.e. sandwich) to keep is fresh longer, you should limit the amount of heat coming from outside, so in that case you want shiny surface *outside* and mate inside, thus limiting heat sneaking into your wrap. The same rule applies while you cook your wrapped veggies etc. You want to limit amount of heat wasted so you should wrap the stuff you cook (i.e. beets) with shiny surface inside, so once they get warm, it will be harded to heat to escape and they will get harder to cool down so in result it should shorten the cooking time and limit the amount of energy needed to cook whatever is wrapped. Keep that in mind next time.

  2. Great Salad Bri! This is absolutely genius for a dinner party. Easy to prep all the things ahead of time and I can imagine the beets will only get better the longer they sit in the fridge. If everything is prepped and the cheeses are sitting in the oven I bet you could get this out as a first course with only five minutes of active work! totally stealing this for my next dinner party!

  3. I'm a Cooking YT power user, and I'm happy to announce that you have officially taken the title of personal favorite (previously held at various times by Chef John, Ragusea, and Helen Rennie). Every video is actionable, interesting, and well-made, with just enough personality to be engaging but not distracting. I would estimate that I end up making 60% of your videos at some point (legit every single one of the Weeknighting series), which is an insanely high number. Keep em coming!!