FULL WEEK OF EATING – 20 Easy & Healthy Vegan Recipes


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  1. I would've enjoyed this video a little more if it wasn't formatted like this. YouTube videos don't normally tell you the exact amount of ingredients, and the recipes were way too prioritized vs. the food itself. You do however plate wonderfully and chose a great selection of meals.

  2. Heyyy! I really love your videos but I must admit I didn’t enjoy this format, maybe because I already have the app but I really prefer when you cook and talk because you’d usually give us tips on how to prepare it or substitutes you use sometimes and we can actually see how is being cooked with all the details. I much prefer that than everything magically appearing in the plate and going so fast without hearing anything… I understand a lot of people enjoyed it and you can’t make everyone happy haha so just wanted to share my opinion as I’m a massive fan! Xx

  3. Like many vegan HCLF Youtubers, Alex was one until her Bali trip it seemed. I have followed Fivesechealth on Instagram when she had just 50k subscribers. She used to preach a High Carb Low fat diet. No bread. Only fruits for breakfast and wrote on her blog how eating only fruits were enough and she was putting many bananas into her smoothie lunch. She even changed the reboot meal plans on her app to make it looks more balanced now instead of mono fruits meal for breakfast and smoothie for lunch. She was really scrawny in Bali. I’m disappointed how to cater to a bigger group / pressure, she has never addressed why she stopped following a HCLF diet she once highly preached. I understand the app is targeted at a larger audience and it’s important to “prescribe a diet that looks nutritionally balanced” but she was not one who used a drop of oil in her cooking and wrote about it on her blog too. I think it’s important to address the dietary change and we all know it’s not due to a change in workout. No offence as the recipes are easy to follow but it’s very obvious it’s for profit making too as a business. 🙂 I am doubtful this is how you have been eating from that to this. Realllllly…. Hmmmm

  4. I must say I'm not vegan but was curious on the video on ig.. I really like the visual of how u had the recipe on 1 side & making the dish on another. Seeing the way you make it makes me feel like the dish are not that hard to make, looks great & no meat. Straight to the point.

  5. gonna leave my country to go back to uni and I ll need to self isolate 2 weeks…already anxious about food lol, I got your app so I can make something new everyday so I don't get bored. <3 I checked the app just now and it seemed to me that the ingredients on the shopping list don't add up if they're the same thing. You might wanna look into that, take care 🙂 Great work tho


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