Full Day of Eating with Thomas DeLauer – Mediterranean Keto + Recipes


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Here’s what a typical day in my life looks like whilst adhering to a mediterranean keto diet (recipes included). Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the comments!





  1. I’m so happy watching you cook because this is the way I’ve been cooking for the last two years without knowing it I was already cooking keto food I absolutely love this lifestyle thank you for the very good contents I enjoy you making food just like watching myself…

  2. If you logged these 3 meals and looked at mineral and vitamin content, would this meet the minimum daily essential amounts needed? Even though you didn't have a single salad? Was basil the only leafy green you ate all day? I am genuinely interested to know, as that could change my approach to veggies & salad! TY!

  3. Any suggested substitutes for olives to get at least some of same nutrients? Without having to taste olives? Olive oil is fine… so is using the oil enough? Or does having the whole olive offer different benefits? I know they are good for you but my tasye buds refuse to fall in line with my brain telling them like it! And literally everything an olive touches is contaminated and inedible! It's so sad!


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