Full Day Of Eating To Fuel My Active Vegan Life | AMAZING MEALS!


I eat foods that make me feel my best and nothing makes me feel better than PLANTS! After eating this way for well over 10 years I continue to improve my health, fitness and skills in the kitchen. The best part is I NEVER get tired of the food. People often ask if I miss meat and after seeing what I eat, I think you will know my answer.

Let me know what you thought of the day! Do you have any questions? How about those flips!? I was sooo stoked to learn some new tricks.

What do you want to see next? More vlogs? Suggestions down below!

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Time Stamps:
0:00 My Morning Routine
0:55 Warmup At The Park and New Front Flips!
2:09 Calisthenics & Weights Workout
3:15 The Best High Protein Post Workout Smoothie
6:22 Warm Chickpea Salad & Creamy Cashew Red Pepper Dressing
10:04 Bike Ride and Parksville Sandcastle Competition
13:23 Soy Free Tofu, Green Beans & Quinoa Dinner
19:00 Thanks for Watching!

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I’m Derek Simnett, a Certified Nutritional Practitioner.
I love calisthenics and making good food!
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  1. HI Derek & Crystal! Really love this vid – as usual, I'll be watching it several times this week, especially first thing in the a. m. when I'm stretching and getting ready to train! Regarding the tightness at your elbows: is it just tightness, or is it also pain? I sometimes get this too and in the same location and it's typically b/c I've overtrained somewhat. BTW, have you considered seeing a massage therapist on a regular basis, even just once a month? A good one willing and able to do deeper tissue work can really help with such things. I know a good one here in Baton Rouge, LA, fyi. Very much hoping this improves!!!

  2. Thanks for another great video. Your attitude and great meal ideas always inspire me and lift me up!

    I have a doctor/chiropractor helping me with some nerve compression in my shoulder. I, too, sleep with my arms pulled into my chest. It's even worse in the winter when it's cold. What helps me from morning pain is using a body pillow. Wrapping my arms around it or draping over it opens up my chest at night and keeps me from sleeping with arms so tensely pulled in. That and staying off my phone so I'm not bending my arms up the same way when I'm awake. 😉

  3. According to the nutrition label the fava bean tofu is 100% protien. Fava beans are about 30% protein which is still Very high in protein it's just sad that nutrition labels lye so often to sell things. Most grocery stores sell cooking oil and fatty condiments as 0 calories (making the serving size very small down to a fraction of a gram and rounding to 0 as the nearest 10)

  4. You can try some electro- therapy. You can get it at the physiotherapy or buy a lil tool that has two or 4 electrodes to apply on the body. There are several programs in the tool included that shall decrease pain. Applying it it should never hurt or burn, only a little tickle/vibration.

  5. You guys are so strong, it's unreal! I also find its very confusing how you can be so "big" when you're not eating more than a "typical person" that doesn't work out. I eat a lot more calories haha!
    I would love seeing a full day of eating with Crystal as well as "what WE eat in a day" xx

  6. The funniest part for me is that there is people for whom it is a surprise that paprika powder is dried and grinded bell pepper 😄 I am from Germany and in our language the fresh veggie is called the same as the spice so it is obvious for us 😅 (veggie=Paprika, spice= Paprikapulver) but you are definitely not the only one, I heard that so often from my (South)-American and Canadian friends.

  7. I had golfer's elbow a while ago. If you do a lot of work that involves grip, then the best thing you can do is have a really firm grip with the palm of your hand around the implement, not putting pressure on your finger tendons to do the gripping. I think I saw a video about it on Athlean-X once upon a time that explained it. Having a loose grip on heavy objects with just your fingers or inner knuckles is what can cause problems. So I started gripping things really hard, using liquid chalk usually, not letting my grip falter. And also using straps if the weight is too heavy for a firm grip. After making that simple change, my golfer's elbow pretty much went away on its own and hasn't returned.

  8. Hi , love your vids been a follower for long time your wraps are my favorite meal filling and tasty , could you tell me do smoothies cause a insulin spike there for sparking fat storing , I only ask because im struggling to lose weight even tho I eat well and walk each day many thanks.

  9. Maybe taking a bath with epsom salts would help with the elbow soreness. The extra magnesium wouldn't hurt from it anyways.I used to use epsom salts in place of advil when I was working as a greenhouse laborer. It help immensely and allowed me to sleep with less pain.

  10. Most of the time "Golfer's elbow" actually comes from finger flexors not wrist flexors. Try using finger extensor bands for awhile and see if that helps you issue.
    As a climber I often use finger extensor bands in my training to help balance all the gripping. The wrist extension exercise you've been doing still requires you to flex your fingers to hold the dumbbell, even more-so than usual since the weight will be resting in the fingers instead of resting in your palm, as it would for most other exercises.
    You could also see if you can find a therapist who can do MFR (slow release of fascia using their fingers or guasha) for your forearm and bicep. Lastly, try more dead hanging. It may seem counterintuitive but progressively overloading your strength with the deadhang (eventually one handed + 10% of your bodyweight as additional load) for sets of 20s-60s can really strengthen the tendons of your entire forearm and simultaneously strengthen and stretch the lats/serratus/deltoids/pecs. This can alleviate your upper limbs from some pressure which might help when you sleep not needed to crunch up so much. Prior to sleeping, practice extending your spine and opening your chest, stretching biceps, forearms, fingers and try to sleep on your back, palms facing the ceiling, no pillow under the head (thin pillow or folded cloth is fine) small cushion under the knees.
    Hope this helps!
    Another great video from the Simnett fam. Enjoying your content. =]

  11. Nice one, Derek. I have quite the repertoire of creamy sauces these days, almost all inspired by your channel. We also just bought an air fryer, and what a game changer! Been making seitan steak almost every day since! I can say with confidence you’re the YouTuber that’s had the most direct impact on how I eat, I’d say our diets are extremely similar, I just make a few more vegan waffles per week that it seems you do 🙂

  12. You must be familiar with anthony William (medical medium). I say this because of the cilantro and wild blueberries to remove heavy metals. So the elbow thing might be due toxins collecting throughout the night in the bend of the arm. Our liver rids itself of toxins at night. I see u like to drink water first thing in the morning so try adding fresh lemon juice to the water to help flush out the toxins and of course celery juice would give u a second flush. 🙂

  13. I had the "golfers elbow" issue too- mainly from adding in too many chin-ups too quickly and also from sleeping on it the wrong way. What helped me most was elevating my arm on a pillow while sleeping and also doing bottoms up hammer work with a 5lb hammer for the wrist and forearm (rotations right/left and up/down)

  14. My younger brother does tricking – it’s wild stuff! And it’s funny – you always remind me of him: good vibes, kind, just wants to see everyone enjoy life and get better each day. AND you’re both shredded! 😂
    Also, he’s a PT, and when I had similar elbow (and wrist/shoulder) issues he gave me wrist and elbow flexion and extension exercises and it helped a lot! One was holding your arm as if you’re a waiter carrying a tray. Then with your wrist remaining bent, extend your arm down and hold. Repeat 10x a couple times daily. It helps with circulation down the arm and stretching the forearm etc. not sure if we had the same issue but it might help.

  15. Yo dude. You should probably get a deep tissue massage
    -have them focus on the forearms.
    -if you have a tennis ball you can press your forearm against it laying facedown. (If you follow your bones toward your elbow, where the muscles meet) that or have crystal dig her elbows into that spot for you. Just ease into the pressure

  16. Tennis Elbow … Golfer Elbow … Pickleball Elbow… All about the same. You mentioned tight grip, that is one cause, as is the wear from lifting. I had Pickleball Elbow, could not lift a cup of coffee it got so bad. Worked on it for several months so I could play again. Here is what worked best. 1. Ice after workout (you got that down) 2. Massage gun on upper arm, find the sore spot … it's there, I guarntee it. Soft head of massage gun using the side, in and around the joint, careful not to vibrate right on the bone. 3. Wrap the elbo in wool cloth soaked in Castor Oil, wrap that in Saran Wrap , cover with elbow sleeve and wear it all night long. This excellerated the healing by Months! I have 0% pain now and play 4 to 6 times a week for 2 to 3 hours. Loosen Grip, though I don't know how you would do that with weights, maybe use a padded glove? Good luck and thanks for the videos. I just started watching. I'm Vegitarian 6 years , 61 years old and feel great!

  17. i'm 16 and i've been vegan for 2 years !! i love your videos, they inspire me and make me want to keep going in this vegan journey! I'm also a bit of a nutrition, health and fitness nerd so i'm always watching your vegan nutrition and workout videos. Good work ^^