Frozen KETO KEY LIME Pies – Easy and refreshing SUGAR-FREE dessert!


EXCLUSIVE YOUTUBE RECIPE! I’m sharing the Frozen Keto Key Lime Pies from my cookbook Easy Keto Desserts! So tangy and refreshing, you will be craving them all summer long.

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Easy Keto Desserts:
3 ounces cream cheese, well softened
2 tbsp Swerve Confectioners
2 tbsp Swerve Allulose, divided use
1 tsp lime zest
1/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
Natural green food coloring (just a few drops!)
1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
1/3 cup Perfect Keto Honey Nut Cereal
1/2 tbsp butter, melted
Pinch salt

Serves 4
Nutritional information per serving (note… erythritol and allulose already subtracted)
Calories: 210
Fat: 19g
Carbs: 4g
Fiber: 1g
Protein: 3g

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  1. Hi. I really like this recipe because it’s easy and makes only 4-5! I was wondering if you could use only allulose in the recipe. I do have swerve, but I’m leaning more toward just using allulose. Of course, I still have around 4 bags of various sweeteners!! Your recipes appear to all be easy and quick. Thank you!

  2. I bought limes yesterday, got home to find a bag of limes already in the fridge; so this is a welcome recipe! Unfortunately, the pretty limes I picked to zest were the driest limes on the planet but the third one was extra juicy so ended up with extra lime juice so I threw in another ounce of cream cheese and 2 extra teaspoons of confectioners swerve. Used Wonderworks Keto Cinnamon flavored cereal for the crust (can't stand to eat as cereal but too expensive to throw out)…worked beautifully. I got 6 muffin pies in the freezer that I'm sure will be delicious! Thank you for sharing these fabulous recipes. I envy your creative mind.

  3. Sugar free doesn’t mean your free of response by your body. The cephalic phase is when you taste sweet even if it’s not sugar, and the brain sends a message to your pancreas to release insulin in the anticipation of glucose that never comes. Now you have the fat storing for no apparent reason other than to store fat hormone insulin running around your body.

  4. Carolyn! I have cereal on hand cause the last time you used it i had already scarfed it down. So i had to sub ricotta cookies
    that i had in the freezer and it was still amazing. So i have some just waiting on you to come up with something. 😬
    But i have no limes, and i have the grocer on speed dial but it is the middle of the night and they are closed.
    I need instant gratification so i am going to sub with fake lime juice which i have. 😲I know! I know! I can't wait
    that long for the real McCoy. I can still make it outstanding and only the cook will know. 😃💪
    ……………………… 😎👍👍