FRENCH ONION SOUP // Easiest Soup You’ll ever make ❤️


My beautiful FRENCH ONION SOUP is a French classic that is sure to impress. The meltingly tender onions, the delicious ooey-gooey cheese and the crusty bread is so hard to resist. Deep golden caramelized onions create a soup that is filled with amazing flavor, I’ve simmered it with fresh herbs, optional white wine and I used freshly grated Gruyère cheese, but you can substitute it with other favorites like Swiss cheese, Sharp cheddar, Fontina , Monterrey jack and others you may like. I love crusty bread, and a crusty baguette will always do the trick, but you can choose your favorite too. This soup can be intimidating for many, but I’ll show you how easy it is, and I’ll do it step by step. THIS FRENCH ONION SOUP wins hands down, I hope you give it a try.❤️ Ingredients __________________ 4 medium yellow onions 2 Tbsp olive oil 1 1/2 Tbsp butter 3 tsp sugar (i used raw, you can use regular) 1 tsp salt ( you decide) 3 tsp All purpose flour 3 medium garlic cloves (finely minced) 1/3 C. White wine (i used Pinot Grigio) you can use any dry wine you like, or you can use beef stock or totally leave it out . 5 C. Beef stock or( beef or chicken broth) 3 sprigs of fresh thyme 1/2 tsp dried Thyme 1 Bay leaf 1/2 tsp pepper (you decide) SUGGESTED VIDEOS __________________ SOPA DE LENTEJAS (lentil stew) CALDO DECQUESO CON PAPAS Y RAJAS OLD FASHIONED BEEF STEW HOW TO MAKE CALDO DE POLLO CON ARROZ MY FALL HARVEST SOUP MY RON’S FAVORITE BEEF AND MUSHROOM DUMPLING SOUP BACON, SAUSAGE AND BEEN SOUP SOPA DE CODITOS WITH EXPRESS WATER CONTA CONTAO FAR CHICKEN DISCLAIMER DO NOT EAT OR SERVE THIS DISH TO ANYONE WHO IS OR MIGHT BE ALLERGIC TO ANY INGREDIENT IN THIS DISH. #frenchonionsoup #rachelcookswithlove #soup





  1. Simply delicious, I used to always go to Central Market and get this delicious soup I'd go once a week about 2 years ago I went and they stopped serving it and I was so disappointed because it is so delicious now after seeing you make it it doesn't look terribly difficult so I'm going to give it a go thanks for sharing all of your wonderful recipes they are simply Delicious

  2. Rachel, I married an Hispanic man 22 years ago and I love cooking for him. I was taught how to cook American food as a teenager so I have always tried to learn how to make traditional Mexican dishes for him like his mom made him. I’ve followed several of your recipes and all have turned out delicious ! I’m making this French onion soup as I type this and we can’t wait for dinner ! Thank you for sharing your recipes with us ❤