French-ISH Onion Soup 🙊So good I’m CRYING actual tears LOL | Marion’s Kitchen


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  1. A chef taught us not chop off the root when slicing onions as this will not release so much of the juices that tears the eyes… but I still end up crying anyway! LOL
    So I've tried slicing onions with a fan blowing across the chopping board while slicing, guess what…. it works! No more tears : )

  2. When you cook you're so calm and organized and never seem to get flustered. When I cook I destroy my whole kitchen, wear myself out, and it takes me three days to get around to cleaning it up. I'm 80 years old so I guess I'm not going to learn now. I wish I wasn't 80 because if I was young I would copy your way of dressing. You are a very beautiful woman.